California's Leading Political Animal Welfare Organization

*Sherry DeBoer


 The outspoken former actress and veteran California lobbyist is a disarming meld of toughness and sensitivity. Listing "Gladiator as her occupation and "God" as her employer on campaign contribution cards she believes in faith, miracles, and uncompromising legislation. With a well maintained reserve of key political friendships, Sherry is hailed by past California State Senator and past Attorney General Bill Lockyer as "an incredibly effective legislative force." She has dedicated herself to making miracles come true for animals.   

Sherry DeBoer by Kit Paraventi


John Lovell

John Lovell has been a lobbyist for over twenty years. During that time, over 99% of the bills that he has lobbied for have been signed into law. No bill he has opposed has ever been enacted.

Some of his clients include: Donald Trump, the DuPont Company, Ernest Gallo and the Gallo Winery, the 1964 Los Angles Olympics, the Los Angles District Attorney, the California Police Chiefs Association, the California, the California Narcotics Officers Association, the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers, the Correctional Supervisors Organization, the California College & University Police Chiefs Association, the California Equine Council, the California Welfare Fraud Investigators Association, the California Peace Officers' Association, the California Law Enforcement Association of Records Supervisors, the California Association of Health Underwriters, the Checker Cab Company, and Political Animals-Roar.